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Health Book Range
personnalised Tunetoo

Cute, the health book notebook protectors to personalize for baby are an ideal birth gift. They will protect your child's health record while making it irresistible. With her personalized health record of her name and her pretty motives, the visits to the pediatrician will be a little less frightening and confronted with the smile.

Cute embroidered protected health book !

The selection of book protectors to personalize is a beautiful gift idea that will please parents. The book protectors of the range are crunchy. The little characters who dress them will give a smile to young and old. Add the embroidered baby name on the notebook guard and a pattern that looks like it quickly and easily thanks to the customization tuner. Select a booklet for each of your children and find the easiest. Each health book will be well protected from manipulations and small hands of babies thanks to its original protection.