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Customizable face mask in print

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How are Tunetoo face masks made ?

The Tunetoo customizable face mask is made and sewn by hand by our tailors at our workshop. It is made out of polyester cloth or recycled clothing and Bio cotton t-shirts. Our tailors follow very strict hygienic measures and the rules put in place to protect them from Covid-19, to guarantee their safety within the workshop, and the quality of the sewn masks. These face masks are sewn and customized by our teams that work hard and with great care at our workshop in Bordeaux. 

What are the features of the Tunetoo face mask ?

This customizable face mask destined to the public is made of washable cloth, which allows it to be reused many times. It must be washed at 60ºC/140ºF after every use, in order to eliminate bacteria (We cannot guarantee the customization will still be in a good state if it is washed at a temperature higher than 60ºC/140ºF). This product is not destined for medical use, and only serves you for personal and daily usage.

Protective face mask, made in France, Tunetoo hand-sewn:

  • Double-sided mask made of 100% polyester. Strings made of recycled cotton derived from cotton t-shirts.
  • Pocket to insert a filter (not included)
  • Dye-sublimation of your texts and motives.
  • Handmade and customized at our workshop in Bordeaux, France.
  • Guaranteed washable at 60ºC/140ºF.
  • This product is not destined for professional medical usage.
  • Flat side: 20x8 cm/7.8x3.1”. Worn side: 20x12cm/7.8x4.7”. Length of elastic string: 4x30cm/1.5x11.8”

Why wear a face mask ?

The cloth face mask does not replace a surgical mask, but it allows you to protect yourself and protect others by limiting the projection of saliva.

This mask is not certified by the AFNOR and is under the responsibility of its user. 

For more information:
The AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation, French Standardization Association ) reiterates that the “face mask” is destined to fulfil the preventative measures and social distancing rules. It is destined to the greater public, especially to any healthy or asymptomatic person. 
The face mask does not exonerate its user from the systematic application of preventative measures whatsoever, as these are essential, as well as the social distancing rules seeking to combat viral infections! 

The essential face mask in 2020:

In December 2019, a new coronavirus appeared in China and now affects the entire world. It causes a respiratory disease, called Covid-19. 
Due to Covid-19 being a very contagious disease, one speaks of a pandemic. When a sick person coughs or sneezes, they expel tiny droplets into the air around them. They can enter the body through the nose, eyes or mouth of anyone that is near…and infect them! These droplets may also stick to people’s hands or onto objects. This is why we must cough or sneeze into our elbow, wear a face mask, wash our hands frequently, avoid touching our face and keep a 1 meter distance between each other.

What is a customizable face mask ?

The cloth face mask has a “barrier effect” that prevents the passage of bacteria particles; it is worn at mouth and nose level. It limits the spread of saliva droplets and protects people between each other. 

The Tunetoo face mask is this “barrier effect” combined with unique customization, at your disposal in our website.

The Tunetoo face mask is customizable by printing :

  • Add your text and logos
  • Stand out with a coloured background and pattern
  • Adapt your mask to your likes by choosing many colours
  • Put a smile on your face with a dose of humour with our motives, available at our library.
  • Combine the dye-sublimation printing of your pattern with your text
  • <

De-confinement: THE FACE MASK, a fashion accessory ?

Could the face mask become a trivialized fashion accessory in our wardrobe ?
Before the coronavirus epidemic developed at a worldwide scale, in certain countries – mostly in Asia – the usage of face masks already existed, when one is sick to avoid infecting others or because the air pollution is too strong. 
In France, this practice is a lot rarer, but there is a great chance the usage of face masks becomes more common due to this crisis. 
Big brands, haute couture brands and other designers have started creating their own version of the face mask. By adding glamour to the usage of face masks, these brands and designers could convince even the most reluctant ones to use face masks against the virus.
On social media and on the internet, one can already discover unique creations.