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Our marking techniques

In our creative workshops near Bordeaux, our design and transformation teams have technical knowledge backed by Tunetoo's extensive experience.

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Tunetoo quality comes from a high definition customization experience

Our production workshops have professional printing systems and embroidery machines with the latest technology. In our creative workshops near Bordeaux, our design and processing teams have high technical expertise backed by Tunetoo's extensive experience. Our production workshops have professional printing systems and embroidery machines with the latest technology.

Looking for the highest quality, we strive to ensure that all our marking processes are made entirely by us, without compromising the presence of any subcontractor during the fulfillment of your orders. Therefore, we are committed to meticulously take care of the details of each piece produced within short deadlines, to meet your expectations.

Five precision techniques.

Depending on the nature of the products (size and shape) and their composition (material), the customization will require a specific method to obtain an optimal customization result. At Tunetoo, we work authentically on our products, through five recognized customization processes that require special engineering: direct printing, embroidery, sublimation, flocking and flexography, screen printing.

Direct print

A process that involves directly marking the shirt and other materials, with a highly efficient digital inkjet printer. Digital printing is done directly from digital designs and stamps your creations on clothing identically to the original design. The result is very precise. In addition, the print feel is softer compared to Flex printing, as ink enters the fiber of the garment. Such fabric prints withstand long-term washes at 60 ° C. This technique is suitable for large orders and professional projects.


Flex and Flock

This process involves hot marking, using a thermal press, a thin and flexible material, cut according to a vector line. The surface is shiny, smooth and slightly raised. Using this technique, colors are perfectly patterned, but are limited to three per pattern. Through this type of marking, it is interesting to play with the texture and precision of the customizations. Flex, for example, allows to create elegant garments and bags, with different colors, Fluorescent, Metallic, Glitter. The Flock provides a velvet sensation that is very pleasant and visually very aesthetic. These two methods are appreciated for the resulting touch of relief. The resistance of all transfers made with these techniques is incomparable. Ideal for small series with individual customizations.


Sublimation is a printing method that is only used on white polyester fiber textiles, as well as any polyester treated objects such as: iPhone case, mugs, mouse pad, coasters, etc. Hot pigmented wax (which replaces ink) in a gaseous state is sprayed directly onto the fabric or onto sublimation paper (for objects). This process limits any unwanted staining. The transfer is made through a hot press. The colors are cooled on contact with the support and fixed. Accuracy is essential and the washing resistance s excellent. Print colors are unlimited and rendered in high definition, with rich rendering and good opacity. Only the white color cannot be sublimated. Achieve intense UV resistant colors.



For brands with high added value, most textile supports in Tunetoo can be embroidered. It has an excellent textile support, as well as a very good design permanence. Embroidery is a real skill that we have mastered for over fifteen years. Our machine park allows us to respond to requests for 1 or several thousand parts. Embroidery provides a Top brand image that will highlight your T-shirts, caps, aprons, sweatshirts, jackets, jackets, towels, bathrobes, etc. A simple name or a complex logo, our team is ready to meet your needs.


Inspired by ancestral stencil methods, screen printing is a printing process that involves passing ink directly through the very fine meshes of the fabric product, using a silk screen. It is a work done by hand with precision and concentration. The screen printed products are preferably flat and fabric. The latter permanently absorbs the color pigments in its fibers and dries. It is a process that allows it to last a long time and results in a quality result and a nice touch to the relief


Tunetoo Accuracy

Through these different marking techniques we are able to stand out in our business, and we can provide you with the best customization quality existing. At Tunetoo, we offer more than 240 products: clothing, household items, and accessories, all available in a wide variety of colors and customizable using innovating techniques.