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Tee-shirts Homme imprimés en France

Printed T-shirts in France

The T-shirt , It is the must-have masterpiece of an outfit. We wear it practically every day and there are millions of ways to match them with our clothes. From the traditional round neck T-shirt for men or V-neck striped, long sleeve T-shirt with retro graphics, through the T-shirtvintage or the custom geek T-shirt, we can find for all styles ! Because the T-shirt allows us all fashion fantasies, It revives the chic, sportswear or casual look with style. We then choose it according to its history, form, texture or message. For us, the t-shirt is a garment that does not go out of fashion !

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The different cuts in t-shirts

  • The shape of a t-shirt varies depending on the cut of the neckline and its bust. There are different types of cuts for the bust; those are fitted, long, straight or tubular. Find in here the one that will show you off!!!
  • Classic: This is the most common cut for both, the shirts and the polo shirts. This type of cut makes the t-shirt comfortable to wear, because it will be relatively wide and will not follow the lines of the bust. This cut is suitable for people a bit overweight or with a particular corpulence. Often the line of the bust of the t-shirt follows the width of the shoulders. A t-shirt like this suits all body types, however this classic cut or straight cut is not especially fashionable but it can complete and outfit, under a jacket for instance. It's up to you to show it off!!!!
  • Fitted: The t-shirts with fitted cuts are very trendy and popular, among both men and women. This type of t-shirt shows off the person's shapes. The line of the t-shirt follows the line of the bust and fits itself to the silhouette. This cut is ideal for those with a slim waist or without fat bellies. A fitted t-shirt is very comfortable if the cut suits you. However, it can sometimes happen that it feels tight on the shoulders and sleeves. This can be because the size is too small or because of the type of sleeves of the t-shirt. (See "The different sleeved styles")
  • Tight: The tight cut will highlight the shape of your torso and your arms. It is important to fill your t-shirt neatly without your shape stretching the fabric around your biceps for example. Choose the size and material that suit you!
  • Oversized: An oversized t-shirt guarantees style, comfort and originality. It is a long cut that goes below the waist and more or less above the knee depending on the style adopted. It is very trendy among women and is becoming more present in the wardrobe of men. It is matched with the hip-hop style from the 1990s-2000s, the long or "oversized" t-shirt in English, is a must in an outfit. Often, the loose side of the piece makes contrast with the chic of another one. Combine them with trousers of fitted or slim cut to accentuate the contrast. Finally leather boots will complete a comfortable, laid-back and trendy outfit. This type of t-shirt blends more or less easily a so-called "timeless" wardrobe. The trick is to balance out the outfit.

The neckline of the t-shirt

  • Although the cut of the t-shirt plays an important role in style and comfort, the neckline of a piece is equally significant. These few rules on the two main necklines of t-shirts will allow you to choose the one that suits you!!
  • Round Neck: The t-shirt with round neck is the most basic and is featured on most of the male pieces. This type of neckline goes with almost everything due to its simplicity and gives a male vibe to the outfit. It is also found among women since this a piece we can adapt very easily to various styles. For example, a loose t-shirt gives freshness to the outfit and allows a mild cleavage for women, thanks to the round neck that releases the neck.
  • V Neck: T-shirt with V neck modifies the silhouette and feminizes it. It is meant to be more sophisticated than the round neck, or even sensual, while remaining basic, easy and reliable to wear. A V-neck intends to release your neck and elongates your silhouette. However, a too deep neck will tend to look more vulgar and will accentuate your "thinness" if you are. The comfort is relatively similar to the round neck, however, we will tend to wear a V neck T-shirt during summer because it is often more low-necked and therefore more agreeable when it's hot.

Different styles of sleeves

  • A classic t-shirt has short sleeves that fall in the middle of the wearer's arm. However, there are different sleeve lengths available depending on the intended style. Find in here the one that suits you. We've grouped the most popular styles to find the one that suits you!! Create an outfit with these customized pieces!!
  • Short sleeves: The short sleeves are the most common and traditional type in t-shirts. These cover about half of the upper arm. These sleeves bring out the biceps and triceps (arm muscle) and go with everything. They combine comfort and style while remaining basic.
  • Long sleeves: We cannot doubt the effect the sleeves can have on the silhouette. If they are long and wide your figure will be enlarged. In Rematch, tight sleeves will make it longer. They can be accessorized or rolled up depending on the style that we want to adopt. Concerning a man, long tight sleeves that we roll up below the elbow, combined with a nice watch prove to be very trendy. The forearms are thus brought out and conferred a more masculine look. An outfit can be easily balanced out thanks to that kind of details.
  • ¾ length sleeves: The ¾ length sleeve t-shirt is predominantly found in women. Often, the sleeve falls just below the elbow and the cut is generally loose. However, there are many t-shirts with ¾ length sleeves of a different style; that is with looser and larger sleeves on the upper part and tight around the elbow. This style is also called bat sleeves.
  • Marcel: Although many still consider inappropriate to wear a Marcel or a sleeveless tee-shirt when going out in public, it remains a very practical help when it comes to completing an outfit. Wearing them over trousers with a pair of light and comfortable sneakers may be really trendy. Matched with denim jacket or cardigan (in the heat of the moment) and you get a stylish and laid back outfit. Everything is a matter of "combination".

How to dress with a T-shirt?

There are more and more of you, regardless of your age, interested in masculine elegance. Nowadays, we can bump into different styles and sometimes even extravagant outfits. Moreover, some pieces like the simple or patterned t-shirt is found to be the basis of many outfits and a very important style element. It is necessary to respect some rules to find the pieces that suit your body type while being stylish and your taste. We have selected for you, 5 outfits of different styles of which the t-shirt is the base.

t-shirt simple

It is very easy to create a simple, dressy and at the same time casual outfit. Here we find the most basic of t-shirts. The light gray, contrasting with the dark gray of the pants is particularly well combined. The advantage of the light color t-shirt is that you will be able to combine it with light pants as well as dark ones. A t-shirt lighter than your pants will direct the look up and therefore towards your face. Moreover, this type of outfit allows you to wear the jacket of your choice because the other parts of the outfit remain simple. The trick thing is to maintain a balance. Play with the accessories with a watch, a belt or like here a hat. Depending on your body shape, a straight, fitted or slim cut pants will fit well with the outfit.

t-shirt habille

Our second proposal is a classic way to wear a t-shirt. It is a very simple yet dressier way than the previous one. Do not hesitate to wear patterned t-shirts under a plain shirt. A colorful pattern will energize the outfit. Here, the outfit remains plain but harmonious with a reminder of color between the blue shirt and jeans and the white t-shirt and shoes. You can wear the shirt open or semi-closed. Accessorize the outfit with a watch or a bag for example.

t-shirt oversize

The oversized t-shirt makes its big comeback and stands out as the main piece of an outfit. Here it is found under a short jacket of "aviator" type in order to rebalance the silhouette. The jacket breaks the length of the t-shirt. You select the trousers but favor sneakers that will match very well with jeans or chino pants to go with the rest of the outfit. Finally, opt for a fitted cut so as not to give the impression of a garment too big for you.

t-shirt elegant

The suit jacket over a t-shirt brings structure and elegance to the outfit. Opt for a graphic t-shirt with chino pants or jeans and sneakers. A well-cut jacket in a beautiful material adds to the presence and will highlight the pattern of the t-shirt. Also, favor a short jacket as it offers the freedom to be worn with mismatched pants. Play between the classic and contemporary style of the jacket by rolling up sleeves for instance. Accessorize the outfit with a watch to highlight your forearms or for a reminder of color.

Which t-shirt is the most fitted to my body type?

  • You are tall: The t-shirt cut that will fit you best is the fitted cut. Avoid straight cuts that give the impression of wearing one too big for you. The "V" cut will enlarge your silhouette, choose a round neck! Choose a t-shirt with a breast pocket for more volume or Marinière type (stripped jersey) that widens the silhouette thanks to the horizontal stripes. You can also choose a raglan or color-block t-shirt. The aim is to highlight your shoulders and crack the height.
  • You are short: The cut that suits you the most is the fitted t-shirt. It will highlight your shoulders and torso. Choose short t-shirts in size but with tight sleeves (short or long) in order not to pack your silhouette, the aim is to stretch it out. Choose those that take the eyes to your face like a color-block shirt. You can opt for a "V" neck but beware that it’s not too scooped out. Finally, choose slim or fitted type of pants as well as short tops at the waist. Avoid thick materials that will give volume instead of lengthening your figure.
  • You are plump: Choose a t-shirt with a straight or classic cut. You will be comfortable and your fat bellies concealed. The t-shirt should fall to the level of the buttocks. Here, it is not the main item of the outfit but it is the basis of it. The other elements of your outfit will have to balance out and standardize your figure. In other words, reduce the width and increase the length. Your pants may be slim or semi-slim; the important thing is that the thigh is well fitted, neither too tight nor too wide. Your legs will look bigger. Finally, choose a jacket that closes with a button to mark the waist and balance the silhouette.
  • You are of broad (shoulders): The fitted cut will fit you perfectly because the t-shirt will follow the line of your bust. The stitches fitted on the shoulders will show you off while giving you a good range of motion and so much comfort. Avoid t-shirts with straight or classic cut because they shrink your figure. The aim is to mark your height. Choose straight or fitted pants because pants too tight will give the impression of the clothes being too small.
  • You are thin: Choose a fitted cut as your t-shirts will follow the line of your bust and give the impression of well-filled clothing. Opt for these with a chest pocket to give volume to your silhouette. The color-block and raglan t-shirt types will highlight your shoulders. The Marinière and horizontal patterns enlarge the silhouette and can be a good alternative. Choose thinker materials and avoid too-low-cut "V" necks. Be careful not to choose pants that are too tight and especially at the ankles, your legs are slim enough.

Customize your own T-shirts

Depending on your choice, a t-shirt speaks volumes about you and your tastes. Sometimes vector of a thought, it may be the perfect reflection of your personality. And to not be deceived, choose a t-shirt that will go with your style! Glamorous, hippie chic, urban, sportswear or hipster; create your own dressing style that will make you a unique person!

Find out more about the T-shirt

The famous t-shirt owes its name to its T-shape and has always known to evolve as time goes by. Thus, the history of the shirt itself is full of anecdotes and meanings that often disrupt the way we dress, think, and also behave.

Small Tips for T-shirts...

To not spend an hour folding up your clothes, we have for you a trick to successfully fold your tee-shirt in less than 3 seconds! It's practical and easy to do at home!

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