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Stanley / Stella, the best of a premium collection

Stanley / Stella, the best of a premium collection, Stanley / Stella is THE reference brand in the world of the premium textile industry, with which we customize each day thousands of pieces.
From the famous Stanley Trolls Vintage sweatshirt to the Stella Crosses t-shirt, our favorite designs all come from the prestigious brand, whose collections constantly amaze our designers as well as our customers, through the products quality and trends suggested. Catalogue de produits

Why do we choose Stanley / Stella as a reference brand for Tunetoo?

Because we want to offer you the best for your Tunetoo creations, we have chosen to work in partnership with the famous textile brand Stanley / Stella, for the high quality of the products it offers, as well as for the honorable values ​​that its company vehicle. Many of the brand's clothing is composed of pure organic cotton or is made from materials such as Modal Lenzing and Tencel; soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear. Made in fluid and light materials, their models are available in various cuts of t-shirts or sweatshirts, whose color palettes by products are full of sparkling shades, pastels, classics, vintage or vintage.


Organic fashion with Stanley / Stella

Wearing Stanley / Stella clothes, is to demonstrate its commitment in terms of eco-responsible behavior and respect for the environment. The brand is committed to a genuine approach to sustainable development, through a large number of recognized certifications: Oeko-Tex, OE 100, OE Blend; who test several audits carried out annually within their factories.

In order to create clothes in an ethical and respectful way of our environment, the brand makes the effort to be the only one in charge of the quality of its clothes, by controlling all its supply chain, going from the manufacturing process to the delivery. In addition, its association with Fairwear Foundation and the Lenzing brand [which offers materials such as Edelweiss modal and Tencel] showcases the brand's commitment to produce in an environmentally friendly way.

Wearing Stanley / Stella is also wearing a garment that meets the criteria of current fashion while having the choice to customize it to his style. Marlon brandon's brand is inspired by the latest trends to offer t-shirts, shirts and sweatshirts to fashion-conscious urbanwear.

The common sense and the quality of the materials are an integral part of the vision that the textile brand wishes to convey through its clothes; in order to offer you the best t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Our Stanley / Stella collection to personalise

On Tunetoo you have the opportunity to create unique and original collections with a selection of Stanley / Stella clothes. Garments for men, women and children are customizable in embroidery and digital printing.